what we mean when we say

that all people have the right to give, receive,

and share resources and skills with each other

Sharing our stories, resources, ideas, and skills is our birthright, it’s how we began our human story, insuring our species’ survival in balance with our environment. 


that all people and all gifts are of equal importance

In a gift economy, as in life, all people are equal in importance, and all gifts have the same value: priceless. soop will be an inclusive, accessible platform with a culture that values every participant equally. soop has been designed from the very beginning to address inequities in access and engagement, to take concrete steps to dismantle structures that continue to prevent marginalized groups from enjoying the full benefit of our collective material abundance.


that sharing between people creates resilient

and compassionate communities

soop will empower each of us to reach out to the people around us, wherever we are and whenever we want, to share resources. Our six years of Buy Nothing Project experience provide daily proof of this fact: there is no disaster that can swamp us when we can reach each other quickly and share what we have. We are wired to care for each other, we simply need modern connections and easy access to tap into our innate generosity and compassion.


that sharing initiated online can drive real life connections

What happens in Vegas might stay in Vegas, but what happens in online gift economies doesn’t stay online: when people get to know each other via soop, they WILL build trust and a shared narrative that flows through to the real world, bringing people together to give, receive, share and build networks of interdependence.  


that such online sharing deserves its own platform, of the people,

by the people, for the people, all beholden to the public good

We are making soop as a Social Purpose Corporation, tasked by legal charter with serving the public good. We have chosen to fund soop’s creation and maintenance by asking everyone to pitch in as they are willing and able. soop will always benefit many over few and purpose over profit.