What is soop

soop will be an online platform, a mobile app, a social network, and a global gift economy.  


It was designed to make it easy and enjoyable to connect with friends, offer and request items of all kinds, share our stories, gifts and talents, and connect with like-minded people everywhere we go, every day.  

Our goal is to make the app and its basic functionality available FOR FREE to all users.  In order to make this possible we will need sustaining contributions to cover the cost of developing and launching soop.app.

What is a gift economy? 

We define a gift economy as an economy in which goods, services, and stories are given freely in the interest of nurturing relationships and interdependence, with both giver and recipient holding equal power and importance in their community.

Why is soop good for the environment?

Giving, receiving, connecting, and sharing resources reduces waste because we use up what we already have, we don't need to buy new things so manufacturers produce less, and our carbon footprint is lowered. 

What are the ingredients?

Give. Receive. Connect.


Give: You could be cleaning out your garage or de-cluttering your home. You could have an excess of something you are willing to part with. You could be responding to a request you saw from a neighbor in your community. You can offer your wisdom, presence, or expertise. All giving is good giving, and all gifts are equal, freely given, without any expectation of reward other than the joy of sharing and contributing to a resilient, interdependent, and compassionate culture. 


Receive: You realize you need something last-minute and you don’t have time to acquire it. You need something you might not be able to afford at this time. You need to borrow something for a short period so it makes no sense to buy it. You have a request and your neighbor has a solution. You need help with a project, advice, or encouragement, or simply a listening ear. You practice the art of receiving and you're inspired to give at the next opportunity. 


Connect: Rather than remain isolated and stressed in our homes about what we do and don't have, we could easily share resources, exercise our give and take muscles, and contribute to a more equitable and abundant lifestyle for all. The more connections we make, the more resilient our community is both in times of small needs (day to day) and great needs (natural disasters or massive life events.)

What's the plan? 

We have our detailed vision for Soop ready to go, and an experienced software development team eager to begin work. As soon as sufficient funding is in place, we’ll spring into action on the first iteration of Soop for beta testing.

We are committed to making the basic functionality of Soop available to all users for free. Our business plan calls for in-app microtransactions for extra bells and whistles as well as small monthly contributions from people who see the importance of sustaining an online global gift economy community for the world. 

How can you help?

We need help making Soop! 


If we all want a platform free from profit-driven data mining, we have to pay for it ourselves, each of us chipping in as we can. We would like to be beholden only to the public good, so we need you to help us build a platform we can all access and use. 


Please make a contribution in alignment with your enthusiasm and your budget. If enough of us pull together, even $1 can make a huge difference. The dream would involve small monthly contributions from a vast number of people so we can be as inclusive, accessible, and as far-reaching as possible. Of course, larger one-time or monthly contributions will help make this happen quickly. Your support and feedback would help build and maintain this platform as we grow. 


We also need gifts of service to make SOOP. If you are an attorney, graphic designer, accountant, bookkeeper, social media maven, administrative coordinator, data entry wizard, or have other skills that you’d like to contribute, please let us know.