Music: Keyboard fades in. Electric guitar throughout.


Interior of a car, driving on a freeway approaching the city of Houston. 


Video text: Imagine a world where we don’t have to buy most things. 


Aerial shot of an inner city neighborhood. To moving shots along a city neighborhood streets.


Video text: We share what we don’t use, receive what we want, and come to know the people near us. Instead of going to the store, we rely on our neighbors for the everyday things we use. 


Woman walks from a suburban home to her car parked outside on the street, enters the car holding a plastic bag filled with stuff.


Interior shot of a living room, move toward a little pink heart pillow.


Spoken word. Lara: Okay so this is a quick tour around my Buy Nothing home and I'm going to stop at this little heart here, which was actually gifted to me by my next door neighbor.


Video text: 

- Lara

Lower Earley, Berkshire


Man wearing a helmet and gear, outside on a trail with a mountain bike. 


Spoken word. Jeff: And this helmet I got from Buy Nothing, and this awesome mountain bike I also got off the list. It needed a little work, but it's running good now, so thanks again. And everybody, keep doing what their doing, and making the whole community a better place.


Video text:


Poulsbo, Washington


Back to Lara’s Buy Nothing apartment, pan to palm plant in corner of room. 


Spoken word: Lara: And this gorgeous plant, somebody was really concerned that it wasn't doing very well in their house and it's absolutely thrived here.


Aerial shot past a red New England house to backyard and gardens with big barn in back. Then a more dense neighborhood in Texas.


Video text: Our homes are filled with the same stuff, duplicated from house to house. What we need is a platform that makes sharing easy.


Sound of skateboard scratches along pavement.


Boy skateboarding alone along a rural road. 


Woman on her front porch. 


Video Text:


Bainbridge Island, Washington


Heather: My belief is that I really do think that there's enough for everybody, I think so many problems, even global, are because people don't understand that there's enough for everyone, and they can share and so a lot of negative energy things happen when people are concerned with scarcity and lack, and it creates fear, and it creates, I think, unhappiness and disconnection and competition. 


(Sounds of lots of people chattering) Lots of women inside a home at a clothing share event, looking at and collecting clothes for themselves, as if they’re shopping. 


Heather: And so I see this as a great experiment because if you really believe there's enough for everyone, then you have to be willing to say yeah! I can share what I have and my community would meet my needs. It would eliminate so many stressors from their lives, and besides the strengthening communities, I think it would restore their faith in people. 


Aerial over an island neighborhood beach, with people gathered in a field nearby, houses off in distance.


Next scene: Young child speaks: Like it? Adult speaks: You like it? Give em give em kisses! Say thank you! Child: Thank you!

Video text: “Thank you! You saved the day!!”


Townsend, Delaware


Close-up of a Teddy Bear made out of denim. 


Woman speaks: Hey guys, this is the bear. Her name is Lucy. AJ named her Lucy. And this is the bear that I got made for him when he first came to live with us. The bear has everything on it made for my sister and the bear is actually made out of my sister's clothing. These were the clothing that she wore, the jeans that she wore when she passed away, and inside Lucy's heart is my sister actually singing, and this is her voice on a recording, that I saved for him. Woman singing from speaker inside bear.

Video text: When Jaszmine’s sister died, her nephew came to live with her. A neighbor made him this gift. 


Video text: “This is the bear that Dana Oliphant made when AJ came to live with us. He takes Lucy everywhere and never lets anyone hold her. Inside Lucy’s heart is the only recording I have of my sister. AJ can hear his mom sing to him. Special thanks to Dana for making this bear for AJ.” 


Townsend, Delaware


Aerial over city neighborhood to an aerial over a country estate. 


Music: Piano plays slowly. 


Video text: In a local gift economy, we share our stuff, and also our lives. 


Inside a family home in the kitchen.


Child speaking: I said blue! Woman speaking: Everybody thinks its a boy! Man speaks: Except for Daddy. [woman laughs] I am convinced it is not. Child: Cut into it! Cut into it! Woman: Okay here we go! Let's see what's in there! Child screams. We don't know! The blue is from the frosting. Okay he’s got to take the piece out. 


Video text: “Thank you for creating the most amazing cake! I am forever grateful that you have helped create a memory our family will cherish forever.”


Scene change to a woman standing at a gas station


Kay: So the interview is over. Its freezing. I'm getting gas. And I want to say thank you! To all of you who helped me, I asked all the good questions that you guys gave me. So I'll know in a few days guys, if I have a new job! 


Video text: “Friends!!! I had a wonderful and successful interview!”


Moorestown, New Jersey 


Back to previous scene with family and cake. Child squeals. Yay! Lots of screaming and laughter. Man cuts cake and slowly pulls piece out revealing the frosting is blue. “Boy! Boy! It's a boy! It’s a boy!” 


Video text: Help us build a global gift economy where everyone and every gift is equally valued.


Young girl standing outside house in suburban neighborhood.


Woman off camera: Remember how you said you wanted to take piano lessons? Yeah. You're going to take piano lessons. 


Video text: “A big tearful thank you for gifting my 8 year old the year of piano lessons. You have no idea how much of a gift this is to my daughter.”


Calgary, Alberta


Young girl: Yes! Yes!


Young girl runs gleefully around driveway.


Woman: Guess what? Somebody gifted it to you.


Young Girl: Gifted it? What does that mean?


Woman: It means that they're giving it to you to help you learn. So what do you say? Thank you!


Music. Piano plays slow notes.


Older woman and young boy at a science museum playing with scarves and a wind machine, learning about gravity. 


Video text: “Thank you for the Discovery Cube tickets! It was our first time going and my son loved it!” 


Laguna Hills, California


Woman pulls home baked seed bread out of oven and places it on her counter. 


Woman voiceover: If we have this kind of impact from one neighbor to another, we can help them and they can help us. In ways that we wouldn't think to ask other people to help. And before we know it, we have this very strong community web that we have built because of everything that we've put into asking, gifting and sharing our gratitude with other people.


Video text:


Ellington, Connecticut


Two women at front door of home hug each other.

Young girl plays piano softly, the last few notes of “Happy Birthday” song. 


Video text: “I hope she makes you as proud of her as I am! You are truly an angel for this gift to my daughter.”


Video text: Help us build community, share resources, and create an equitable platform for everyone.


Music: Acoustic guitar plays fast paced. Man with guitar sings: Said I got you something, Something nice.


Man off camera as girl tries to ride tricycle for first time: Go for it little one! There you go! You're doing it, you're doing it!


Music lyrics: Oh it's so nice, It's been loved once or twice. Said I got you something, Something good.


Woman off camera to little girl bouncing on a bouncy horse: Is that fun?


Music lyrics: And you ain't buying nothing cause it's from the neighborhood.


Sound of ducklings squeaking. 


Ducklings in play pool.


Timelapse of boy playing with puzzle.


Bunny eating basil.


Woman (off camera): Is that good Elvis? Say thank you so much Amanda!


Music lyrics: Said you ain't buying nothing, no it's from the neighborhood.


Credits roll: 


“Making Soop”


Camera:        Liesl Clark


Drone:           Pete Athans

                       Finn Clark


Written by:    Liesl Clark

                        Rebecca Rockefeller

                        Liza Pascal

Edited by:     Liesl Clark

Videos:         Lara Savory

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Assistant:    Beckah Lynn York



Thanks:       Deborah S. Noecker

                     Beth Reetz

                     Donna Mann Parson

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Music:         “Better Days”



                     “Slow Motion”



                      BN Blues

                      Jonny Gose


Special thanks to Katherine Parsons for captioning and describing this video.